A gift that keeps on giving

Great gift, perfect keepsake!

Sylvia M

Great Office Decor

Very nice coasters, high quality and durable! The pictures look great.


This was great, the perfect gift



This was great, the perfect gift for my husband.



These coasters are a great way to decorate your home in a very unique way! I am very pleased with my coasters and I will most definitely be ordering more for future gifts!

Merleen G

Precious Keepsakes

To me, family is everything. These precious keepsakes help mark very special times in my family’s life. Great keepsake and gift to give for any occasion! Thanks so much Homemade Gifts and Recycled Treasures!

Latosha B

Awesome Coasters

I love my coasters!!!

Kenny B

Good For Business

My coasters add a little more flavor to my dinner table showing a picture of my company’s (ADG FOOD INNOVATION) first flavor, I think these coasters would be a great addition to any restaurant, bar or home setting.
Adrian G.

Adrian Greene


I just love my rose bowl coasters! They turned out great! I am planning on placing a lot more orders! Gonna let all my friends know too. Thank you!

Lisa T.

Team Celebration!!!

As a man who enjoys his sports teams, this gift makes for a perfect representation and celebratory item to share and display for all to see.

David B.

Precious Memories

Some years ago, my mother and I went on a cruise along with some of my other friends and relatives. She and I had a great time! As time goes on, things may change but memories of the good ole days linger on. I wanted to preserve one of the moments we shared on that cruise in a beautiful manner and the ceramic coasters turned out to be a great idea for a birthday present. It’s perfect. Thank you Homemade Gifts and Recycled Treasures!

Charlie P.

The Best Gift for Giving!

Kim’s hobby allows you to capture your favorite memories and add that personal touch to your home, office, boat, or vacation spot. Her coasters make a great gift to share with loved ones. I highly recommend Homemade Gifts and Recycled Treasures.


Kayla C.

Perfect Custom Gift

Perfect customized gift to display your greatest, most sentimental memories in your home! Great idea to display the memories you cherish most in a personalized and fashionable way in your home.

Brian C.

Homemade Gifts & Recycled Treasures!


I created this homely,  crafty space as a platform for displaying my enjoyable attempts at arts and crafts. I also like sharing some of the treasures that I find during my travels. The time I put into my newly found hobby helps me to find peace and solace in my happy and sometimes chaotic world.  I hope you enjoy!

Kim T.

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